La Bionda - Chocolate City lyrics

Cuz People Be Tellin' Me, Brothers Be Gellin' Me,
Tryin' to Get Fame From My Name But They Chumps and They Butt-soft.
They Know I'm Wilder Than a Dog With Hot Sauce.
A Mic, a Stage, a Crowd, and I Won't Stop:
I Set It Off and Get Live Like An Alarm Clock.
People Thought Scoob and Scrap Was Just a Nickname;
Now That We Rap, We Sell More Records Than Cocaine.
Awww, Shucks, Now I'm Back From the Down-low,
Here Comes Scoob With the Currrr-ly Afro.
No Chemical Reaction, no Need For Askin', Pure Satisfaction,
My Last Name's Jackson.
You Slip Up, I Get Ill -- My Boot to Your Grill,
My Nine Kills, I'm Big Scoob From Brownsville.
The World's Greatest Lover, the Chaaaaa-clate Brother...