LAltra - It Follows Me Around lyrics

As the weather improves
I see less of you than I'd like to
A house but not a home
A house without you
All this doubt around
Under these lights
My affection shows
All this daylights bright
I'm the easy one
All the babies cry
It came like falling down
It came like wind
I fell like a bag
To the ground
It follows me around
It follows like air
It follows me around
It follows like air
Maybe after all our counting
It's failing
Makes it easier to suffer
Like I always wished for
No risking
It's paid for
Good credit
Makes it easier to borrow all the things I want
Relaxing like always
It's raining
Makes it easier to stay in where it's warm and dry
Openness, distracted, regressed
Motionlessness, give-up
Try to lay down and sleep