L Boy - Hi (2012)

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L Boy - Hi lyrics

Let me tell ya'll niggas a little mothafuckin story real quick
Once upon a time, there was this group of dusty-ass mothafuckers...
Created a little group for themselves, they called themselves Odd Future
These little niggas made a mothafuckin tape
Odd Future Tape Volume 2!
You know that ugly-ass nigga Tyler, wit his bitch-ass..
I should fuck that nigga up when I see him... nappy-ass hair
Left Brain... That nigga ugly as FUCK, big-ass nose
Syd gay-ass...puttin her clit on other bitches nipples an shit, whatnot
Matt big-ass
Big-ass nigga nigga with some small-ass earrings,bald
Mike G CRUSTY-ass
My nigga Earl ugly as FUCK!
Let's have a moment of silence for that nigga real quick...
Fuck silence, Fuck that
My nigga Jasper, dirty fat-ass... that nigga's boxers STANK
My nigga Frank...
Fuck,fuck Frank nigga, fuck him
Taco...old,young, bitch-ass
Man, fuck, I hate all these niggas
You know, that little short gay light sknned nigga Hodgy
And that fat-ass nigga Domo
Let me just...(fart)