Kyprios - On The Road lyrics

Speed ball, eight ball, ballin after eight y'all
Bowling for Columbine all of my hate fall
Combine the mind of the mad and the sick
The magic marker, mark of the beast,the greed of the rich
I gotta piece of mind a need a bigger piece of the bitch
I hit you off and then I'm gone as I recede in the mix
The heat is the fix, my speed a hundred and six
On the highway steerin' wheel beatin' my fists
I feed the itch switch lanes when I'm feeling the switch
Magician with the vision
I got the sleeve with the tricks
Give a heathen a kiss
and don't miss
Jack Kerouac "On The Road" reason for this

I'm on the road (x4)

Vancouver to New York
Rock Steady reunion on the road in a Ford
Prevail had a show, Heather had the ride
I had to go I taught Day how to drive
Winnipeg for the night then we made a right at the border
Dropped down to Dakota
Had a soda in Minnesota
Met a fine waitress, I probably should've wrote her


Hit Chicago, man that city was tight
Cooped up to long Prev and I had a fight
Out on Michigan Av. on mission for ass
Missin' our minds man that shit never last
The city of wind had us all blown away
To think about it was kinda hard to go away
Head east to D.C
Hit a record shop, stop and take it easy
Then to Philly city of brotherly love
Liberty bell, celebrity mugs
Jill Scott, Allen I and the Roots
If the streets could speak man I think they'd tell the truth
New Jersey turnpike at last man, through
Manhattan how'd this happen?
Map in my hand a case of beer
The city was a monument I knew I'd love it there
I'm off the road, I'm off the road, I'm off your map,I'm off the road