Kwest Tha Madd Lad - Skin Care lyrics

How you doin sweetheart?
Lookin crazy lovely as usual
So where your man at today? Ohh worrrd?
He's gone? It's like that? Mmm
I'm sayin though, let me tell you how I get down
And then you see if you can f*ck with it

Now you can say I'm disgusting, ill weird or just plain nasty
But I never let the chance to get some AHHH go past me
I gots game, I can meet a hoochie on the train
Two hours later, I'm tryin to push my AHHHHHHHHHHH
It don't take a lot, for me to get a girl hot
I use the skills I got so I can get a shot at the AHH
While she suck my tongue like juice I get the jeans and kinks loose
Slide my fingers in her AHH and sniff to see if she needs to AHHH
She punani clean, enough without no germ in it
Then me AHHHHHH, and yo she want me burnin in some AHH
We talkin AHH, but I'm too explicit, but when they come visit
And I hit it, nothing's too nasty, now is it?
You won't be dissapointed if you're clean tight or well annointed
My AHH, be making you think, you're double jointed
Wrapping your legs around my head, neck, shoulders and back
Forgettin how to act, that's when I gotta smack that ass
And say, "Relax!"

[Greg Nice] "Skins, you got em, I wanna get with em!"
"Skin.. care, skin.. care"

I push you flat on your back
Smack crack them legs it's time for a snack
Run me tongue around she AHH, waitin for you to react
Yea aight AHH, matter of fact take that back I devour
After spendin a minute in it, pull me up in about an hour kid
No jokin, how me and the punani try to quit smokin
You'll think it's chokin, wanna stick a Pepsi or a Coke in?
Once I go the Down South route, that's all I'm about
I'm yellin, "One-eight-seven witcha cat in my mouth!"
And girls get buck when I AHH, ain't no phony yo
So I'ma tear it between I could, puh, spit out ponytails
Get in every cranny and nibble to your AHH, is good and cooked
You'll be all over the bed, while your AHH is like, "Look!"
But when you sex with me, remember that dinosaur see
Because it's "I do you, and you do me"
Don't front cause all them excuses that's cutesest, that's useless
Because if I did that AHH, I know that you can do this!

[Greg Nice] "Skins, you got em, I wanna get with em!"
"Skin.. care, skin.. care"
[Greg Nice] "Skins, you got em, I wanna get with em!"
"Hold up, HEY, wait a minute!"

Now I'm a black man that's fed up
Cause I want a girl to AHHHH, but all y'all wanna do is keep yellin
Head up, FUNK DAT, lick from AHH to buttcrack
If somethin taste good to you, you can U-Turn and cut back
Stop playin around, get down if you gonna do the do
An AHH does not mean you holdin me my AHH, and goin "Woof!"
Close your eyes, open your mouth, and think 'Yummy yummy!'
If what you got is good for me, you get a surprise in your tummy!
And if you don't want no AHH in there, OK I care
I AHH in the air, and aim for your eyes face and hair
If your teeth are chipped or metal equipped yo, we gotta quit
Cause you ain't my girlfriend this ain't Tribe
Don't take no bite out my AHH
Chill where you goin? You ain't truckin, time for some AHH
Stick my AH in your AHH, you start squirmin and buckin
Even if your tube was mad deep and smooth it's gettin bruised
You lose! Because I got the AHHH that's huge

[Greg Nice] "Skins, you got em, I wanna get with em!"
"Skin.. care, skin.. care"

I hope your thing's equipped for endurance I'm bout to flip script
And dip where you AHH, better get some insurance
Some girls be like, "Uh-ahh! From the back it's too rough," but
Face Down, AHH Up, that's the way I like my stuff
Get behind ya, find your AHH, run up inside ya
And ride ya, AHH, til you scream, "Whoa tiger!"
You get on top I hear your AHH pop and start to AH
You scream, "Stop! Stop!" and your AHH goes, "Could you stop?"
Stick my finger in your AHH, watch your AHH eyes pop out
Tongue drop out, you scream "Oh no!" AHH too late to cop out
You took my finger that quick you can handle this AHH
It's only three times as thick as my finger, AHH, bust her AHH
And then I say, "Do that" you say, "Do what?"
Duh-duh-do dat bounce here's your other shoe slut
I ain't got no tokens to throw your legs ain't broke just go
Yeah I'm on that Snoop Dogg AHHH, "I don't love you hoes!"

[Greg Nice] "Skins, you got em, I wanna get with em!"
"Skin.. care, skin.. care"

"Me and you be doin the nasty
I know you have another lover but I do not the care"
"Me and you be doin the nasty.."
"Doin it right til the mornin light"
"Me and you be doin the nasty
I know you have another lover but I do not the care"
"Me and you be doin the nasty"
"A little moan and groan after some fuss and fightin"