Kwakiutl Cannibal Society - Oh I Wish I Was Sipowitz lyrics

Whirlwind of cotton long since forgotten,
Sugary mountains,
Refreshing fountains,
Whistles and bells,
Plastic toy shells,
Red blue and green,
Flowing serene,
Foundation here,
So free and clear.
This is not how you wanted to be.
Time again to run away.
Wake up now.
Smell the roses.
Crystal ballthrown to the floor.
A million pieces. nothing left,
Nothing left at all.
Wake up from your terrible nightmare.
It's my beautiful dream.
All that you have is not what i want.
What you've got is all i wanted to have.

You disgust me.
Strangle you with my hands.
But mindgames too strong,
Placing compassion where it does not belong.
Take a look back and see what you've missed and you'll see you had it all.
I'll take a look backand i'll see what you've missed and i'll see that you had it all.
I feel your pain,