Kutt Calhoun - Got Plans lyrics

Got plans? Not going anywhere for awhile?
Or maybe your just waiting on that one brother who cant get right,
but can bang that back out all night.
And you just wanna let him know what the capital of Thailand is baby,
Bangkok, Bangkok.

Come on and ride with me one time and get a dose of this breeze,
the top down in this kansas sun, I
know your attracted to my street persona, a dime piece,
but I wouldnt let you meet my mama,
cause you nasty and clashed with classy at the same time,
knew what would happen if I made my approach to meet you,
buckle up (?) home girl can deep throat a diesel. God dwamnnnnn
I got a hot scam, bust a uey take a detor to the bar get you full off of (?)
you telling me you got a hot dance,
well let me see if you can take it the floor,
make it drop and...

Shake what your mama gave ya, so later we can break to ya mamas basement.
You let me penetrate, but I cant just lay up,
and I love the way you taste, and the face was great,
but girl I got plans.

Chorus (Krizz Kaliko)
Do you got plans?
Maybe we can hit up a movie and then find a parking lot
Do you got plans?
all im really saying is can I find a way in your in your throbbing spot.
Do you got plans?
If not just call me when you want some,
Meat, baby call me when your lonesome,
Creap, sometime if you want a fun one,
who can bring the thunder, call me on the under.

Right back atcha aint cheating, you said youd get back for him cheating,
So in fact you aint cheating,
Just think of it as a small intermission
And by the way that you look, bet he small in position.
just let me comfort you lady, you been lookin for love in all the wrong the place.