Kurupt - Yessir lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Pity the child....pity the child]
, Now, why should I play around?
, Lay it down like most of...
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Kurupt - Yessir (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Pity the child....pity the child]
ZH: [… … 可怜孩子可怜孩子]

EN: Now, why should I play around?
ZH: 现在,为什么应该播放?

EN: Lay it down like most of y'all and lay around?
ZH: 放下你们最喜欢和周围躺吗?

EN: I'd rather gather hollow heads and lay ya' down
ZH: 我情愿收集空心元首和奠定遐 ' 下

EN: But I'm a little too old to play around
ZH: 但我有点太老了,玩

EN: You still bangin' Dr. Dre and Dogg Pound
ZH: 你仍然 bangin' 新奇和 Dogg 磅

EN: Snoop is still the hottest motherfucker out
ZH: Snoop 仍然是最热门的相逢出

EN: Yessir! We still around
ZH: 完满 !我们仍左右

EN: Yessir! We still world renowned
ZH: 完满 !我们还是世界著名

EN: I caught silence, I silence sound
ZH: 我发现我的沉默,我沉默的声音

EN: I'm under the radar, stuff silent sound
ZH: 我下雷达,东西沉默的声音

EN: I'm here, my dude, I am born again
ZH: 我在这里,我的伙计,我获得重生

EN: We saber-toothed tigers, y'all Cornish hens
ZH: 我们军刀-齿虎,你们科尼什母鸡

EN: Y'all cornball ballas, we presidents
ZH: 你们滑稽的高达,我们两国总统

EN: With presidential-acquired hidden residents
ZH: 与总统获得隐藏居民

EN: Yessir! We residents
ZH: 完满 !我们居民

EN: And controllers of secret soldiers and regiments
ZH: 和控制器的秘密士兵和团

EN: Yessir! We ball out
ZH: 完满 !我们出球

EN: Yessir! Till we fall out
ZH: 完满 !直到我们掉出来

EN: We get high [get high], we don't have to try
ZH: 我们得到高 [获取高],我们没必要尝试

EN: We don't have to look and we don't have to buy
ZH: 我们不需要去找和我们不必买

EN: We don't have to make ends meet to get by
ZH: 我们没有要按糊口

EN: We don't have to try, I am that guy
ZH: 我们不必尝试,我是那个家伙

EN: Yessir! I am that guy
ZH: 完满 !我是那个家伙

EN: Yessir! I am that fly
ZH: 完满 !我是那个飞

EN: I can't help it and I can't stop
ZH: 我不能帮助它,我不能停止

EN: And I won't stop and I don't stop
ZH: 我也不会停止和我不要停止

EN: I'ma take the top and put it where the bottom drop
ZH: 我要采取顶部,并把它放在底部放置的位置

EN: Then I'ma reverse it and make the bottom hit top
ZH: 然后我要推翻它并使击中顶部底部

EN: See this is what they all call the top spot
ZH: 看看这是什么他们都叫榜首

EN: Then I'ma show the top where the bottom stop
ZH: 然后我要显示的顶部底部在哪里止步

EN: I am everything that is anything
ZH: 我是任何事情的一切

EN: I can't sing a note so I let the semi sing
ZH: 所以我唱的半,我不会唱歌的注

EN: Send em out on a mission, see what the semi bring
ZH: 发送 em 出一个任务,请参阅半带

EN: Back home to your selected and newly-elected king
ZH: 回家你选定的和新当选的国王

EN: Now that's gangsta {x5}
ZH: 现在,这是黑帮{x} 5

EN: See that's gangsta
ZH: 看看那都黑帮

EN: Now that's gangsta
ZH: 现在,这是黑帮

EN: [keepin it gangsta wit'chall]
ZH: [允许它区黑帮 wit'chall]

EN: Now that's gangsta [gangsta]
ZH: 现在,这是黑帮 [黑帮]

EN: Gangsta {x11} [gangsta]
ZH: 黑帮 {x 11} [黑帮]

EN: Yessir! I am that guy
ZH: 完满 !我是那个家伙

EN: Yessir! I am that high
ZH: 完满 !我是那么高

EN: Rollercoaster, this whole movement's over
ZH: 过山车,这场运动的过去

EN: Givin' ya west coasters, the cold shoulder
ZH: Givin' 雅西杯垫,冷淡

EN: I am ready, yes, I am here
ZH: 我是准备好了,是的我在这里

EN: I am back, Jack, the spinner of the year
ZH: 我回来了,杰克,今年的微调

EN: Let's get one thing here real crystal clear
ZH: 让我们在这里的一件事真正非常清晰

EN: We reappear, their hopes disappear
ZH: 我们重新出现,他们的希望消失

EN: Evaporate, dissipate, your folks disappear
ZH: 蒸发、 消散,你家里人消失

EN: And if you were smart you wouldn't be here
ZH: 如果你是聪明,你就不会在这里

EN: Now that's what I call a double whammy
ZH: 这就是所谓的双重夹击

EN: I don't need the white folks, I get ghetto Grammys
ZH: 我不需要白人,获得格莱美奖的贫民窟

EN: Yessir! I get ghetto Grammys
ZH: 完满 !我得到贫民窟格莱美奖

EN: Yessir! My women's eye candy
ZH: 完满 !我的女人眼糖果

EN: I can't help it and I can't stop
ZH: 我不能帮助它,我不能停止

EN: And I won't stop, that's why I don't stop
ZH: 我不会停止,这就是为什么我不停

EN: I'm similar to Biggie, similar to Pac
ZH: 我是类似于大事,类似于政府帐目委员会

EN: Similar to Snoop, similar to Doc
ZH: 类似于 Snoop,类似于 Doc

EN: Similar because they all taught me something, ock
ZH: 类似的因为他们都教会了我一些事情,章鱼博士

EN: Firsthand, like cock and pop before a nigga talk
ZH: 第一手,像公鸡和流行前爱说话

EN: I'm airborne, you're grounded
ZH: 我是机载,你的基础

EN: Like you hid your report card and your mama found it
ZH: 像你躲你报告卡,你的妈妈发现其

EN: Yessir! I found it
ZH: 完满 !我发现它

EN: My drrr-ream to go far as God allows me
ZH: 我去远如上帝允许我 drrr 叠

EN: The sky's the limit
ZH: 天空的极限

EN: It's in my arm's reach,
ZH: 它是在我伸手可及的地方,

EN: So I'ma reach as far as my arms reach
ZH: 所以我要达到,据我的怀里达到

EN: Gangsta {x15}
ZH: 黑帮 {x 15}

EN: [Now that's...gangsta]
ZH: [现在,… … 是黑帮]

EN: [Keepin' it...gangsta wit'chall]
ZH: [会白头到老 it...gangsta wit'chall]