Kurt Elling - Those Clouds Are Heavy lyrics

Once upon a time a cloud, a little cloud,
Gathered her friends together and began to say aloud,
"Friends! We can't find God, isn't it odd?"
And they all agreed it was very odd indeed,
To blow about the sky like a brainless seed.
Something's really gone awry when older clouds over-simplify,
When they say it's just another day.
It's imperative we be somewhat more truly demonstrative
In becoming provocative.

Our parents neglect God it's true, all their world is askew.
They go about bickering and scheme of possessing things
As though they own us too and own all that we do,
Yet they can't understand just how foolish it is to build a house on sinking sand.
And when we cry they say "Oh My! You'll grow out of it soon and start singing a grown-up tune."

So the clouds made a vow, since the grown-ups had lost God somehow,
They would pick something out that would keep them aware,
That they could take with them anywhere,
Like a lock of hair or a pair.
Not an animal, or too big,
So the little ones looked about and up and down and in and out and came up with a list:
They had a feather, eraser and string, pepples and pen-knives and pieces of things that they found in their pockets to spare and which they began to compare,
But the shiniest object when looking them over the thimble was brightest and so they decided the thimble was rightest for taking along and for knowing God was thinking long, and of their every day.

They knew they could find their piece of mind,
Playing a game of tag or fame, they had to simply call out the thimble's name.

Then one day the smallest
Cloud took a big fall and
Dropped the thimble from her hand
And God turned to sand

Just then a wise old woman cloud happened along,
And she asked the little girl "What' wrong?"
And the little girl replied "God's gone."
But the older cloud knew right away,
So she said to the little one,
"Here's your thimble, I found it today."