Kurrel The Raven - The Commission Song lyrics

I used to really love your porn
But now I am completely torn
By all of your seething and scorn

If you recall I emailed you
Four months ago to ask you to
Consider depicting yours tru-ly

Ejaculating onto the posterior
Of a foxy I'd like to get to know much better
Bent over a school desk just after class
With a thick stream of yiff cream dripping out his tight foxy ass

You said okay, that's not a chore
It's something you'd drawn lots before
As long as there wasn't any gore

We made the deal, and so I sent
Your fee, which came out of my rent
My roomie made up the difference

I emailed you a reference sheet I'd commissioned
My furry persona in many sexual positions
And a naked turnaround to get you acquainted
With all my special markings, from eartip to tailtip

It was then that trouble started
How was I to know
That you and my reference sheet's artist
Had previously come to blows
She said you'd only copied
All the best art you'd drawn
And even your tracing was sloppy
So you kicked her ass when you saw her at Anthrocon

It took you many weeks to finally chill
And stop abusing me whenever I emailed
I only wanted to know when you would be done
And asking several times a day seemed better than just asking once

Eventually my commission arrived
Accompanied by instructions that I never talk to you again
As long as you remained alive

It wasn't your best work you know
For 200 dollars, I felt low
But that's okay, I'll let it go

I gave it to my special fox
At his reaction I was shocked
He got so pissed, he didn't find it hawt

Oh I meant it to say I'd like it if he yiffed me
He said that he would never ever forgive me
I said if he'd done this for me, I'd be grateful
I'd love him eternally, I sure wouldn't be hateful

He told me to take it down
Before it got around
But it was way too late
You'd already upped it to FA
And noted in the comment
"This commission made me vomit
But I really needed the money
But this is the last piece of fap fodder you'll get from me
I'm so tired of all of your shit, I'm at the end of my tether
Yeah, fuck all furries! I'm leaving the fandom forever!"