Kumm - Listen To My Songs lyrics

Fresh fried flesh fighting for foreign Fridays
Black beer brewed in basements by butterflies
Calm calculated citizens crying cause credit cards can't crush candles
Politician playing in private party prefers predicting punishment for prophecies
Rescuing razorblades for runaway rebel riots
Detesting drop-outs, depression, dependence, but drawings on dewdrops
Travesti traveler telephones to Tennessee, tracking trafficants
767 souvenirs sold since southern soldiers stopped suffering
Withered widows wrapped in warm wool wailing like worms under willows
Guns grenades and groceries are gambled for goldbars in Graceland
Love in limousines and low-lighted liars, lizards lurking in luxury
Hide and seek on Halloween, there's a horrible human inheritance from halfgods

Listen to my songs, don't listen to my words...