Kultur Shock - Montenegro H.C. lyrics

A, a, Montenegro

Oj đevojko Milijana, oteću te jednog dana
Od plemena Perovića, za Srđana Jevđevića

5'2" single blonde from Indiana, love to ball.
Looking for stability and sexual ability, marriage a possibility.

Recently divorced, not my fault. No dependence, got a job. Looking for a soul mate, or just a room mate, anything would be great.

Young tall and handsome from Montenegro. Got a lot of money and a boat to go along with my house on Adriatic coast. Big owner - big boner.
Not really looking for anybody at all, just showing-off. You know...

Selo moje ljepše od Pariza,
Ljepša Milka? nego Mona Liza

Oj đevojko Milijana, svadba biće deset dana
Popićemo, pucaćemo, našu ljubav slavićemo
Od plemena Perovića za Srđana Jevđevića