Krystal Meyers - Up To You lyrics

You gave me your hand so long ago
But now our house is burning
You’re never home
I feel sick looking at our picture frames
I turned them down and turned you away
I wanted to hear your words my whole life
But now they cut me like a knife
Hiding under the covers
Crushing dreams
Am I your lover or your enemy?

And at the end of the day
I never wanted it to be this way
You sure it’s what you wanna do?
I’ll leave it up to you

I packed my heart in boxes yesterday
I fell asleep last night in my room all alone and afraid
‘Cause my blood is cold and body is numb
Oh God, what did we become?
I feel you love to say that you don’t miss me anymore
But anything I feel I choose to ignore
I pray that once my anger dies I’ll live
And once my tears are dry I’ll learn to forgive

I know the love we had was real at one time
And if you give me one more chance I promise to try
Seasons change, lovers bloom and some die
But you’ll always be part of my life