Krypt - The Asylum lyrics

Kiss your life goodbye,
You're going to the Crack house.
You've wasted your life,
You're going to the Asylum.

Twisted psycho in a young mans skin.
All your buddies disappeared thanks to your revolution,
Spend all your time, think where you went wrong,
Stare right into the light, the light in the Asylum.

You know you're cracked up!
You fucked your life up!
You wasted your life!
Now you're in the Asylum!

Guns, grenades and mortar bombs
Pulsate throughout your mind,
You have to admit that you're one of a kind,
Now sit in the corner and stare into the light.

You're going to be here for the rest of your life!

Padded walls.
6 inch lead doors.
Are they enough to hold you?
In the Asylum.