Kritickill - Face To Face lyrics

Trying to cope with the feelings
Uncomfortable feelings
That I don't belong no more
Lied to,
Been fucking cheated
Been misfucking leaded
And I don't belong no more

Why me
What did I ever do to you
Why'd you leave me alone
When I was so young
Where was, where was
All your sympathy (sanity)
When I needed you
You were not there for me

I've been rolled all over
I've been stepped on by people like you
A hundred times before
I know now that all over
I will never be treated that way
Again and that's for sure

And when I think my life has just begun
I can't see you
Tell me lies
And when I think the fucking day
Has just begun
And when I think
You've done
What you have done
You told me lies
Someday I'll meet you face to face
I fucking swear,
Tell me lies