Kristy Lee Cook - Devoted lyrics

Consumed by your love
A fool for your touch
I'm losing control of my heart and my soul
And it scares me, and it thrills me to know

I surrender, with every kiss
Can't remember, ever feeling like this
I don't have to be strong; I don't need to be free
I just want you, and I need you, to see
I'm devoted

All my senses are defenseless
My desire is relentless
Is it passion or obsession
Baby, you make me feel, so devoted

Whoooooah ooooh, yeah
You're the beat of my heart
You're the air that I breathe
You complete me, make it easy, to be, devoted

Helplessly, hopelessly, endlessly, openly, I'm so devoted
A fool for your touch
I'm so devoted
A fool for your touch
Devoted, yeah
I'm so devoted