Krisiun - Vicious Wrath lyrics (Chinese translation). | Wrath of primeval madness
, Forged from vicious roots
, Timeless existence plagued soul
, I...
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Krisiun - Vicious Wrath (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Wrath of primeval madness
ZH: 原始疯狂的愤怒

EN: Forged from vicious roots
ZH: 从恶性根伪造

EN: Timeless existence plagued soul
ZH: 永恒存在困扰的灵魂

EN: I vindicate the renegade ones
ZH: 我平反的叛徒

EN: Full moon serpent spirit
ZH: 满月蛇精神

EN: Emerging in days of vindication
ZH: 在天平反的新兴

EN: Ravager fatherless inexorable
ZH: 地城骑兵产量孤儿无情

EN: Ill nature aberration of creation
ZH: 不良性质畸变的创作

EN: Primitive derangement
ZH: 原始紊乱

EN: Forged from self holocaust
ZH: 从自我大屠杀伪造

EN: Timeless vicious hatred
ZH: 永恒的恶毒仇恨

EN: By nihilistic fire I was burnt
ZH: 我被烧毁的虚无主义火

EN: Specters of primitive summoning
ZH: 原始召唤的梦魇

EN: Forged from self damnation
ZH: 从自我诅咒伪造

EN: Straight vicious wrath
ZH: 直恶毒的愤怒

EN: Straight vicious wrath
ZH: 直恶毒的愤怒

EN: My twisted image mirrored in red
ZH: 镜像在红色我扭曲的图像

EN: Break the reflections into shards
ZH: 思考分成碎片

EN: Within the serpent's gaze
ZH: 在蛇的目光内

EN: I see the coming of a painful dawn
ZH: 我看到一个痛苦的黎明的到来