Krazy - Tell Me lyrics

(feat. D.I.G.)

[Krazy talking]
What's up niggas? (HaHaHa) All my niggas in heaven.
(I know you niggas watchin me) Some of you niggas went
To hell. To my niggas in the pen. All my niggas. I see
You niggas thugged out. Don't think I don't be
Listening. You know it's all good. I told you niggas I
Was gone make it. What.

Could you tell me where my niggas at - In the pen?
Or th grave I never figured that - Now
Could you tell me lord what triggered that
I guess these project bricks got a nigga trapped

As I enhale the weed
Tears dropping as I leave the cemetary
My niggas in the ground now, Damn this life is scary
Tryna hold to my pain, I drink till I'm weary
This hennessey got me gone, my eyes so blurry
Face to Face with reality, my dog is gone
For them bitch niggas who did it, I finger fucked my chrome
And my dawgs in the penn, doin 50 to life
I'ma soulja till I die, muthafuck 3 strkes
I remember b-ballin wit my niggas for fun
If I bust, then you bust, I gave you my gun
Telly, dawg you know I miss you, I still got love
Just to be the man you was, I'd prolly drank yo blood



Everyday I gotta go through the same shit
I'm waking to these hot ass bricks
Wit nothin to give thinkin life's a bitch
Focusin on one thing, and that's to get paid
Hopin I make it thru the worst, and see better days
My double barrel pump, temptin me to take it and rob
My second mind sayin stick to the job, and follow my first
Now I'm in perdictaments I can't do nothin but hurt
I'm seein the dirt, and moms pullin my shirt
Droppin her tears across my chest, cause she gotta lay me to rest
Every drop hit my heart, touchin my flesh
Now I'm awake, realizin it aint a dream, it's all my life
I hope it don't come back on my seed, Forgive me


Lord please except a nigga's mail
Did my homie sell his soul to get out of jail
I heard my nigga MAC, finally, made bail
Let's hit the studio, we got some cds to sell,
The drought is hell
For my dawgs, still stay beliving
Thank God, Black Jesus, is forgiving
I tried to tell my lil homies, aint no love in these streets
But my niggas don't hear shit when it's time to eat
And these souljas, will bust yo head if you slippin
I still like my dawg P, nigga I aint trippin
A dope fiend at 14, look what the game done did 'em
I can hear his mama scream when the chopper hit 'em


[Krazy talking]
Ol' bitch ass muthafuckin niggas. I get sweated by the
Feds, the cops, everybody hatin me. But you know what
Fuck me up most? When niggas be hatin me from my own
Muthafuckin hood. How the fuck you could hate a nigga
Like me? That was livin the same life that you was
Livin nigga. Hustlin everyday to survive. And I made
It out. I made it out nigga. I'm the nigga that give
You niggas hope. That show you it can be done. How the
Fuck you gone hate me? Feel that.