Krayzie Bone - You Want War lyrics

Krayzie Bone
Shit...How many times we got to tell yall motherf**kers,bitch
stay the f**k out my motherf**kin face, keep my name out your mouth

But naw so yall wanna be the rivals but nigga we bring'in hell
upon in your party, you figure you got just what you wanna
yall broke and it hurt dont it. They didnt learned I warn them
how many must I bust and how many niggas got they nuts with them,
then gotta go to the studio to get'em bitch you rent'em,nigga done
f**k with a couple real thugs..yeah we rappin but we still thugs
takin over you bound to spill blood yeah what,
we took it mo personal than you thought it
and when you caught hit'em all kill'em all nigga thats what we taught
cant get no rougher than them niggas in Clevland
dont be thinkin that you can come here trippin and just be leaving now
maybe in pieces we aint sayin no names and keep'em piece is what you want
thugs kickin your ass is what you dont(what you dont)
really though I never could understand how could niggas try to flex
on my clique flex in my shit
stumblin fumblin over they words I observed
you chink ass motherf**kers got the nerve (you know)
nigga bring it
Wont take no more if you want war
we comin we marchin forward and you under attack
Here the bustas screem oh my lord
the thugs they got guns they bustin back