Krayzie Bone - The Set Up lyrics

-Intro-Krayzie & Keef G-
(Hello) What's up nigga? (What's crackin' my nigga?) Got a problem down here man (What?) These motherf**kin' police down here tryin' to set a nigga up (You bullshittin') Tryin' to plant guns and dope in my car (Where you at?) I broke the f**k out but they got me hepped up in the alley (Well, what's happenin') So what I want you to do is get the Thug Nation niggas on the phone (Right) and let's ride on these motherf**kers once and for all my nigga

These police is got me runnin' for my freedom, hittin' the fences I can't see 'em/ Settin' me up, bitches threaten to wet me up and arrest me, f**k/ Some shit they're tryin' to plant in my ride/ They said they found a pound of a weed and dirty nine that I had stashed at the side/ And on top of that they said I was wanted for playin' with guns/ Now watch LeathaFace run fast through the alley, here they come/ I hear sirens, I'm desperate, they gettin' closer to catchin' me/ I need to make it to safety cauze haters is sweatin' me/ I'm almost through the alley but a police car cut me off/ I guess he through I was stopped, but I jumped right up, over, and out/ Ran two blocks up and now a niggas dippin' through the projects/ Shit is gettin serious man cauze now the po-po's poppin' and I'm dodgin' them bullets/ F**ked around and found a place to hide/ Let them motherf**kers ride by, but they gots to die/ Call my nigga Keef-G, nigga meet me at the hide out, tonight's the night niggas ride out

We silently, we violently, despise police, entirely (We just dont give a f**k about, we never gave a f**k about ‘em/ We just dont give a f**k about, never gave a f**k about ‘em, just don't give a f**k about 'em)

Keef G (Krayzie)
LeathaFace gimme a minute, a minute I'm ready to swoop, swoop 10 and out, H-2 we bulletproof/ Can we make it to the safe house and I'm tellin' you man, let them touch you, don't have to worry ‘bout Saddam Hussane; We got a hundred Thug Nation Souljahs, bitch, every state, all black, lil' chrome with a motherf**kin' right up face (I say we spray the place, blow up they motherf**kin' precincts and kill everybody, nigga what 'chu think?) Sit back watch this (?) meet a motherf**ker/ Hit him hard, burn rubber, watch a nigga hit the button/ We gon' tear these f**kin' pigs out/ This is for the niggas get slammed on the hood tops, niggas goin' all out (Pull up to the curb and keep the car runnin'/ First, when I come out that motherf**ka, nigga start gunnin', you ready?) I'm ready (Toss a fire bomb through the door and when them niggas start to run, pick 'em, niggas fall like dominos)


Keef G (Krayzie)
We bout to show ‘em ‘bout this house quake/ Potential to blow up some windows/ Crooked cops chalked out, now they the victims/ Plus, nigga what 'chu done did? We gon' talk bout that later, deal with this shit, real nigga, trill shit (This meal ticket got ya trippin' huh? They wanna lynch a nigga it's simply cauze my position kinda large/ Got enough niggas to start a million thug march/ Killas, niggas, with no regard for tha laws) Don't worry about a damn thang, we gon' roast a pig/ Call my Thug Nation Souljahs and my Bone Thug nigs/ We ain't goin' for the banana in the tail pipe or the peace pipe/ Let's see how many niggas down to die tonight (Now tell me what'cha gonna do when the motherf**kin' thugstas come for you, for you, for you... What 'cha gonna do when the motherf**kin' thugstas come for you, and we shoot...)


Krayzie talking to police
(Crooked Police Department, this is Sergeant Kick-ass.) Yeah, listen up you slimey pig motherf**ker. (What the hell did you say?) Shut the f**k up and listen up. Now you motherf**kers want a war with the Thug Nation nigga, you motherf**kers bring it. Cauze it's tired of you motherf**kers comin' down on our block settin' niggas up and harrassin' motherf**kers all the goddamn time. Now whenever you motherf**kers want it ya'll motherf**kers bring it down to the block nigga (Who the hell is this?) That ain't important. You just tell your squad next time they come down to this motherf**ker patrollin' they better watch the f**k out cauze we will shoot your ass, we will bust back motherf**ker. That's right motherf**ker, niggas is buckin' back in Duece Double O Tre motherf**kers [gunshot]