Kowland Weiczyk - Your Beam (Hs) lyrics

I deny it every time,
Tell myself it's a dream
I act like a mime,
When you shine your bright beam.

Your eyes alone stun me,
When they happen to glance my way,
I am too stunned to speak,
For this I shall pay.

The Story is a sad one,
Told before many times,
The story of my life,
And these innocent crimes.

Crimes of the heart,
Where I am too shy
To correctly play my part.
Nothing to do but cry.

"Not this girl",
I promised once more,
I'll give her a whirl,
It has been done before.

So here it is,
All I could think to do,
To write about your beam,
Express it in words for you.

First off, your eyes,
Well, I already told you.
How my voice they paralyze.
What am I to do?

You always find a smile
To send my way.
For each I file,
To look back on one day.

But the sad part.
You don't return this feeling,
You already found a heart,
To do your wheeling and dealing.