Kowland Weiczyk - Say Until May lyrics

I stole a photo of you,
Half smiling and coy,
You stole my heart and do,
Nothing but bring me joy.

We haven't kissed in ages,
Yet here I melt when you,
Look into my soul for pages
Written and read by few.

Hugging can be so painful
Your scent draws near my nose,
But yet I remain grateful,
For you love me and it shows.

Yet you are afraid to tell me,
For I am not what you had planned,
But here I am loving you,
Yet you refuse to take my hand.

I don't know what to say,
Either "I love you" or "Goodbye".
Either choice I make today
Will certainly make you cry.

So here it is before you,
This poem I had to write.
I couldn't pick from the two,
For in my heart they fight.

And now for this poem's purpose,
My heart just wants to say
That we should break off all contact,
Until the month of May.