Kottonmouth Kings - Bong Toke lyrics (Chinese translation). | Take a bong toke... 
, I love rippin' outta bongs it gets me so so high
, When I take a big toke...
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Kottonmouth Kings - Bong Toke (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Take a bong toke...
ZH: 采取抽一邦口......

EN: I love rippin' outta bongs it gets me so so high
ZH: 我爱它获取我所以如此高的烟筒离开 rippin'

EN: When I take a big toke 'looks like my eyes start to cry
ZH: 当我把一大支烟 ' 看起来像我的眼睛开始哭了起来

EN: Tears start to swell up when I take a huge hit
ZH: 眼泪开始肿起来,当我把巨大的冲击

EN: Of that bong biggie bong diggity dank dank shit
ZH: 该邦的誓言邦想你知道阴冷潮湿大便

EN: Johnny Richter don't quit out the one two three
ZH: 约翰尼 · 里克特不退出一个两个三个

EN: Take so many bong hits you might run out of weed
ZH: 带这么多邦命中你可能会用完杂草

EN: Thought you was fucking with a rookie but I'm really a king
ZH: 还以为你他妈的一个菜鸟,但我真的是国王

EN: I was just out playing hooky having fun with my team
ZH: 我只是和我的团队很开心的逃课

EN: Well now I'm back with a plan to get the whole world united
ZH: 现在我又回到了一项计划,让全世界的联合国

EN: The plan's called bong tokes first you pack it then light it
ZH: 该计划的要求邦那只第一次你包它然后点燃它

EN: Then you pass it to a friend and keep on paying it forward
ZH: 然后将它传递给一个朋友并继续支付它向前

EN: Until we all live as one to form a weed world order
ZH: 直到我们都生活为一体,形成一个杂草的世界秩序

ZH: [合唱]

EN: Take a bong toke...
ZH: 采取抽一邦口......

EN: Where's the weed at?...
ZH: 在杂草在哪里?......

EN: It's time to put the chronic in the chamber
ZH: 这是时间把慢性中,分庭

EN: The bong water needs a little change up
ZH: 奉水要改变

EN: I throw a fast ball right down the strike zone
ZH: 马上下来好球区快速球

EN: And split the bat up to stick in the glass bowl
ZH: 然后,分裂蝙蝠粘在玻璃碗

EN: Mountain Spring always goes down the freshest
ZH: 山春总是下山最新鲜

EN: Before we spark it up D-Loc you must inspect it
ZH: 我们点燃 D Loc 火星之前你必须对它进行检查

EN: Dirty water's like a sin to a christian
ZH: 脏水喜欢的罪过就是基督徒

EN: You want heaven but you never gonna get in
ZH: 你想要但你永远不会把天堂

EN: The high priest baptizes and purifies
ZH: 大祭司施洗净化

EN: The canni-bus now we're all getting herbalized
ZH: 现在我们要得到 herbalized canni 巴士

EN: Pass the lighter spark the holy chalice
ZH: 传递的更轻的火花圣洁的圣杯

EN: The Mavericks ain't the same since Steve Nash left Dallas
ZH: 小牛不一样自从史蒂夫 · 纳什离开达拉斯

EN: Sprinkle on the keef yeah adds a nice topping
ZH: 洒在 keef 是将添加好的平顶

EN: We getting' baked like hash cakes there's no stopping
ZH: 我们越来越 ' 烤像哈希蛋糕有的不停

EN: The water's bubbling my vision starts doubling
ZH: 的水的冒泡我的视力开始增加了一倍

EN: The smoke's rising fast I pull the stem it comes rushing in
ZH: 烟的上升快我拉它来冲干

ZH: [合唱]

EN: Yo
ZH: 哟

EN: Liar liar pants on fire...
ZH: 骗子骗子裤子着火...

EN: Liar liar...
ZH: 骗子骗子......

EN: Hey naw
ZH: 嘿不

EN: Liar liar pants on fire ain't nobody getting no higher
ZH: 骗子骗子着火的裤子没人越来越不高

EN: FUCK THAT where's my lighter
ZH: 操那的在哪里我打火机

EN: Sick of all you lighter kipers
ZH: 厌倦了所有你打火机 kipers

EN: We getting higher higher smoking on a vaporizer
ZH: 我们得更高更高吸烟汽化器

EN: Eyes red blazed up smoked out I'm tired as fuck
ZH: 眼睛红熊熊地燃烧起来抽我他妈的累了

EN: We got that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
ZH: 我们有那个 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

EN: The type of weed that leave you breathless and flow less
ZH: 这种草,让你喘不过气来,流动较少

EN: So take a toke
ZH: 所以带了一支烟

EN: And another
ZH: 和另一个

EN: And another
ZH: 和另一个

EN: And another...
ZH: 和另一种......

EN: Tell your mother
ZH: 告诉你的母亲

EN: Oh no!
ZH: 哦不 !

ZH: [合唱]