Kosheen - Hungry lyrics (Chinese translation). | You're like a child with old eyes,
, cynical and sensible, always full of surprises
, you travel far...
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Kosheen - Hungry (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: You're like a child with old eyes,
ZH: 你就像一个孩子,老的眼睛,

EN: cynical and sensible, always full of surprises
ZH: 玩世不恭和明智,总是充满惊喜

EN: you travel far and wide
ZH: 你旅行远

EN: looking for the feeling, lost inside you
ZH: 寻找这种感觉,失去了你内心

EN: They don't understand you, no
ZH: 他们不理解你不

EN: until it's too late
ZH: 直到就太晚了

EN: with everything they've handed you
ZH: 与一切他们已经交给你

EN: on a silver plate
ZH: 银板上

ZH: -合唱-

EN: Are you hungry for a little more
ZH: 你是渴望更多一点

EN: than what you've had before?
ZH: 比你曾有过吗?

EN: Are you hungry for a taste of life?
ZH: 你们想吃一口的生活了吗?

EN: whet your appetite, are you hungry?
ZH: 刺激你的食欲,你饿了吗?

EN: Now give me this mountainside
ZH: 现在给我这山腰

EN: cool waters to lie beside
ZH: 很酷的水域,躺在旁边

EN: give me these two strong eyes
ZH: 给我这些两个坚定的眼神

EN: to see the difference between truth and lies
ZH: 要看到真相与谎言之间的区别

EN: Ah, give me this feeling when you kiss me baby
ZH: 啊,给我这种感觉当你吻我的宝宝

EN: every day and every night
ZH: 每一天和每晚

EN: That's all I need, yes
ZH: 这是需要的是的

EN: Everything is gonna be all right
ZH: 一切都会没事的

ZH: -合唱-

EN: You're like a sight for sore eyes, lyrical and gentle
ZH: 你就像稀客,抒情和温柔

EN: borderlining sentimental
ZH: borderlining 伤感

EN: You're like a dream realised
ZH: 你像一场梦意识到

EN: so why do I keep falling back to sleep,
ZH: 所以为什么做一直摔回去睡觉了,

EN: I'm so serious and deep.
ZH: 我是如此严重和深刻。

ZH: -合唱-

ZH: -合唱-