Kooper Kain - Sentence Now lyrics

They said that I'd be alone
But they'd be forever with me
In my void
And the sorrow
Comes through tomorrow
Even though my heart would not be destroyed

And possibly worse still
Is the way your heart thrills
Giving my soul a chill
In my void

I've been sentenced now

The scarier the monsters are
The further I have to run
The calmest I've begun so far
I am the one that is the one

Sealing the deal with the night
Braver then I am at dawn
Hoping everything'll be alright
Brought before the judge

And I'm sentenced now

Chalking up all my sins
I know who to blame when I lose
But who can ever really claim that they win
Cause down is where you stay when you're bruised

And I'm sentenced now
And I'm sentenced now
Sentenced now
And I'm sentenced now
Sentenced now