Konshens - Stop Sign (Clean) (2012)

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Konshens - Stop Sign (Clean) lyrics

Oh oh oh (skinout)
come make me wine inna yah hole
mek me spend ah little time inna yah hole
a di treasure mi find inna yah hole
(dont stop)
no Stop sign inna yah hole
have badman ah wine up inna clothes pon ur leg
man if ah wine up inna ur hole pon di bed
have man ah pose up like ah dubble six back shout ah aim offa u mi
nah miss cocky ah the shot pussy ah di target no long talking readi fi
start it whole night we ah talk it gyal stop talk it and skin out and do
sumn like this

Gyal dem nuff like sand pon di seaside
markys here have a gal pon hillside
we nuh care gal a gal gi we dem cuda slimaz or a fatty weh tan up ten feet wide
when it come on to gyal we nuh use pride subconscious team a di real side
we nuh shy look inna mi eye skin out yuh pussy and and Gyal

come mek mi wine inna yuh hole.....