Kolley - Real Love (2014)

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Kolley - Real Love lyrics

Yea, from the bottle of the barrel man, you know
I witnessed greed consume my people for so long, I just sat back
Realized that, you know what I'm saying, it's a blessing I slipped through it all
You know

[Verse 1:]
I sprung from the ghetto of New Orleans, where most die young, and never know they father
Why bother?
I'mma product of dysfunctional adolescent problems
But today, I'm comfortable enough to let you all in
(?) I was born in
A lot of niggas seek help, but me, I'm all in (?)
Increase my own chances, blood on my hands, I don't hide them, I just wash 'em off
Maybe (?) the gutter, I just walk it off (?)
I remember churning butter at my mama's house
150 a quarter, 600 an ounce
And I commise a lick (?), everything counts
My granny need a prescription, can't let these lights go out

I wasn't in my books, I was writing hooks
Chasing pussy, smoking dope, you know the average crook
14 no parents, they greedy look
Granny did what she could, she love to cook

[Verse 2:]
Every morning I wake up with the mentality
Kill these beats and kill these streets, fuck the causalities
I know my kids love me, I can't let life fuck me
So, I'm on the edge right now trying to clutch somethin'
They're trying to cut me out the puzzle, it wasn't easy
Take a look at my stats, the game needs me
Cognac bottles on repeat
And there's something about these streets that keep me feasting
I got moxy, nigga, never weak-link
I packed my bags and left the house at 16
Two days later momma called and said she cooked greens
I guess the love was real even when they hated me

I know my kids love me nigga
That's what gave me drive, nigga
I got moxy, that's hella pride
I'm signing in, you know the enterprise