Koldbrann - Bestial Swarm lyrics

Frenetic roar from above
a key to the abyss unleashed
From the far side of reality
lands concealed in hellish smoke
Feeble, cast no shadow
you're next in line

Bestial Swarm - spearhead of the beyond
Bestial Swarm - embodiment of the Bastard Spirit

Whirling shapes of abhorrent kind
as reflections of insane fright
Horned locusts of poisoned being
Aggressor of extreme prejudice
Artifictial facet eyes
of inhumane breed

Bestial Swarm - devilish outbreak
Bestial Swarm - woe unto their holy ways

As man sought death's relief
none he was granted to find
To dwell in fruitless hope
the ultimate Torment!

Bestial Swarm - harbinger of Doom
Bestial Swarm - death to god's sperm

Down to the crust
Brimstone and fire
Crave them to suffer
Impale their sight

Bestial Swarm