Koffin Kats - Buzzkill Bitch lyrics

Across the floor, her body lays
Slipping away in euphoric haze
Eventually the breathing stops
Brainwaves flatten and my love is gone
I walk on in and see her there
Frozen in time, caught in Heaven's stare
She died before the needle drained
Its too surreal for me to take

So I did what I had to do
I tapped a vein and came ungwed
Peace for now
Beyond the pain
Forever I wish, to feel this way

Lifeless girlfriend on the floor
Buzzkill bitch and loving whore
Bleeding nose, pulsing veins
I am the one that they will blame
Take these needles, take these blades
Paint some sympathy on my face
Slam the gears, fly downtown

Buzzkill bitch is silent now