Kodak Black - Erykah Badu (2018)

Kodak Black - Erykah Badu (2018)
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Kodak Black - Erykah Badu lyrics
[Intro] Ight come on Aye [Verse 1] I'm turned up on a jolly I will milly rock on any block fuckin' Kodak boppin' I will hit a nigga with that Glock, don't really do no talkin' I will Diddy bop on any thot, she suck me 'till she coughin' I will let it rip on all of y'all, just try me bitch I promise Call me K, I got to always keep the K cause I got knowledge I be ballin' like Pheonix, but they say I'm hooked on phonic You won't catch a nigga tweetin' I be schemin', I be plottin' They be leechin', they be watchin' She be geekin' off the molly Call me K, I got knowledge Keep the K cause I got knowledge I be drippin', I be saucin' I be limpin' when I'm walkin' I'm so fucked up in the noggin' I be hearin' bitches talkin' Since I'm always fuckin' eatin' M's, wet the cutlass candy You know I don't fuckin' give a damn, whack you and your mammy This is orange, don't say tangerine cause I will get offended I want Actavis Promethazine, don't want that shit you sippin' And believe me, I ain't conceited I'm just chillin', I'm just livin' And so what if I'm conceited, that's just me but that's my business Remember I was in a sticky one, reality done hit me Boy these niggas will make you kill some, they always in they feelings Nigga what would y'all do, if you could be me for minute Nigga what would God do, if we can fuckin' switch positions Aye repeat what you just said cause I was rollin' when you told me Can't believe what you just said bitch I be [?] A lil soldier from off Nolia I can't stay from out the corner I don't care none 'bout these foreigns, I'll pull up in a 'Yota I was raised in a dope hole, posted on the stroll Put a nigga in a choke hold 'fore I sell my soul [Verse 2] Can't keep these bitches off me Now my bitch think I'm trippin', got her trynna stalk me Think before I do the shit, false move a culprit Got plans for tomorrow, been a man and [?] I don't know you bitch, let me get your social Got a power stayin' bulker and another on commercial I would rather hit the fuckin' plug before I go commercial Stop that tweet, I'll murk you I be geekin' like I'm Urkle Crackers came and got my uncle and he went in in December I'm a come through bouncin' in that orange, you'll think I'm Tigger Project baby, grew up in the park, you can call me Tigger It's whatever, I'll rock a fella, and I'm on a jigga If I ever meet Erykah Badu, I'ma fuck her If I ever see you, out in public, I'ma touch you Threw a meat, stayin' busta free, I'll bust a busta In a busted bus, nigga, my interior peanut butter Shawty said that that my kid, prolly is cause I was beatin' her Prolly not, it prolly is, really think that I'll feed her I was in the DMV and I was runnin' up to meter Settin' trends, goin' Super Saiyan, whipped out like Vegeta In a stolo smokin' reefer, rockin' Polo in Adidas Ridin' olo with the Nina, I don't know no nigga meaner