Knuckledust - Scarred lyrics

Still don't truly understand when things started to go wrong. Was it me? Why didn't I see the need for some stability? Couldnt't open my mouth for the sounds to come out but inside I screamed. Crushed everything I was raised to believe. Raised to believe. Now I need this mucic in my life, still the pain won't go and I'll live with it 'coz it's all I know. Where would I be if I didn't shout about it at every show? 'Coz it's all I know. In every town and city we go, this ain't no joyride, you would be proud, if you were still around. Scars from the bad times just won't go. Forced to remember everyday from when I open my eyes. Everything I am, say and do, all a gift from you. It's a cold, cold world I'm living in here and now without you. Time changed us all, 'round in circle for so much time. We faced the pain but my help was out of range. I'll always ask myself, what if I could have reached? Could you have managed to rearrange? Broken hopes, broken dreams. Broke my heart when you stopped your's