Knives Out! - Pink On The Inside lyrics

You're now my new obsession
and I don't even know your name
I've got your pictures up
all over the computer screen

Lethal injection - you're the only one I'm dreaming of
I crave the destructive hit from the gutter down to the pulpit

Here kitty, kitty come and tighten the leash
How about a little discipline for the violent beast?
Swinging machetes in a crowded room
and now I'm coming after you

Pink on the inside
a sweet tooth for genocide
A heretic in the family tree
selling misery flavored candy

Now scream my name and let me know you're still alive
Come taste your savior as my honey drips down from the hive

Bulldoze the mass graves
spitting fire from the burning hole
Haunted humanity
church bells chime the death toll

Get yourself a mouthful
choke on it and spit it out
Sins of the flesh my love
will set this world on fire

Here, here I am
feeding you right out of my hand

Ever since the second world war
you've had a sweet tooth for genocide
Ever since the second world war
you've been eating from the palm of my hand

All your dirty secrets preserved in formaldehyde
From the cradle to the grave, now no one will be saved
She tells me that she has a thirst for blood
A little love of devil's wine that flows inside of every one