Kiss It Goodbye - What If lyrics

Have I been good? Have I been the good citizen?
I hope it's good enough for you.
I'd like to taste some of your freedom.
Shine that light into my eyes. Blind me with your light. Remind me that I have no rights.
How quickly freedom fades. It's good to know my place. But I could have sworn somebody said "feel free."
They made it sound so easy. But this isn't easy.
There's nothing easy about this. This doesn't feel free. FREEDOM.
Let me taste your freedom. Mine's hard to swallow.
I know I'm not free. I feel him watching over me.
Right over my shoulder.
Always looking at me. This suffocating authority.
What if I had a badge? What if I had a gun?
Try tasting some of my freedom.
Try tasting some of this. Ask me another question.
"Is that what I think it is?" "What's that over there?" "Don't get wise with me."
Looking down the barrel of peace.
I need freedom from police. Blind me with your light. Remind that I have no rights.
This doesn't feel free. Words aren't free.
But don't mind me. I'm just sitting here thinking.
Am I allowed to do that?
Is that still free? Just sitting here thinking.