Kirlian Camera - The Unreachable One lyrics

Tonight's snow has given a little break, in a way.
I've spent some minutes looking down at the square.
Yes, the "famous" square... This heaven's famous square.
Hours have gone by, today is yesterday.
Yesterday I was watching Sea... Sellers on the screen.
Today I will see Sean Seller's own bad dreams.
These rooms are getting smaller,
while the phone keeps on ringing...
It's ringing, ringing, ringing...
and laughing, laughing, laughing...
It continuously looks for somebody's lost trails...
It walks along the walls and sings in hidden doors.
There's often a hazy shade in the evening ray of light
that stands against the door, so feverish and "stoned".
Perhaps I'm being wrong, as snowy nights are strange.
The phone laughs and laughs, and walks with funny paws,
it seems almost blind, while tries to catch the flies.
So reach me whenever you want, my time is on your side...
Be sure I will be kind playing along with you.
One day you'll get the sensation having catched the glimpse of something
And it'll seem to you that a hazy shade is laughing.
And it'll seem to you that a hazy shade starts moving.