Kirkkopalovaroitus - Scorn In Eternity lyrics

A cold shadow, lengthening into the void
Frozen places, in that coldest of dreams
I held the crown in my hands, the crown of death
I dreamt of death in my hands, in my heart

Scorn in the eternity, within the everlasting mind
I wonder why it must be so, in this winter that lasts
Born from eternity, from the cold shadowed past
I wonder why I must live, in this winter that lasts

Remaining consciousness in the dark woods of dreams
A forest of shadows in the everlasting bog
The carrion bird caws within the starless sky
And that funereal fog engulfs our last stand

Remorseless cold of the forgotten past lives
Burns the soul to crave for another existence
In the shadowed grave of black cursed souls
Under the bleeding moon, in a freezing eternity