Kinsellas, Tim - Faith Can Mean Can't lyrics

In a way, faith means cannot.
Be refuted because cannot be proven.
And hopes just mostly a process.
Freedoms perimeter, hurries contrived.
Lungs lost.
Accounted for: a cross with my name on it.
Each of our needs reflect and compound,
Our need of heat's reflected.

And don't you know how?
Heaven, I'll show you how funny I can be.

Intentiol intention, our only processes.
Like gun emasculation or re-enmasculation.
Each of our needs reflect and compound
Our need of each affecting.
So we drink and we drain my senses.
We trade my own drugs so many times before.
Not drinking to forget, but drinking to remember.
My distance from my senses treats each one
Each to it's own sweet memories.
And each of our needs reflect and compound
Our needs of each reflected.