Kingfish Fiasco - Crash Test lyrics

Im less than impressed by your modest displays and your flashy attempts too. I hope you dont mind, but Im saving Im sorry for some other time. Id be lying if I said wasnt difficult to breathe. Youre something else. Yeah, youre something. This is your crash test and Im sitting in it. Id look past this, but youre criminal in your defense. Youll be sorry for this. In your defense, Im the last good thing youll know. Again with the stories, Im finding your reasons a little bit boring. I could say I believe you, but trust is a subject you might want to read through. And if I dont wake up, tell her its over. Tell her Im over. And if I cant speak up, tell her its over. Tell her Im over. (I just need one more second to breathe before ending this all on the side of the street. Were moving fast like unnatural disasters that end up lasting long after the crash does.)