King Missile - Wuss lyrics

1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4

I was a teenage wuss
In junior high school, I had oily, stringy hair and lots of pimples
I wore really wussy clothes

Most of the other kids called me a faggot
Even some of the other wusses called me a faggot
There was maybe five kids in the whole school who were wussier than I was
I was really wussed out

I was afraid of girls, and guys scared the shit out of me
They used to say to me, "What are you, fucking queer?"
They wanted me to fight, to prove I wasn't a faggot
But I didn't fight, I ran away

[Swearing in the background]

I was a wuss
I was never into any sports at all
I never took showers after gym class
I wore my gym clothes under my regular clothes
So I wouldn't have to change in front of everybody else

I was afraid to realize my full potential in school
Because, to the other kids
The smarter you were
The wussier you were

I was a hopeless wuss
Wuss, wuss, wuss
I was into science fiction and math and chess
It was not fun being a wuss, and even now
Now that I'm not nearly as much of a wuss as I once was
I still feel kind of wussy from time to time
Residual wussiness
The kind of thing you can never really leave behind
That's the way it goes