King Missile - That Old Dog lyrics

I waited three and a half years for a train to Springfield, Ohio
I gave up and I began to walk, but I was so hungry
And it' a damn good thing I was wearing shoes

I decided the cool thing to do would be to order some hallah bread and turtle soup
But I ordered a tuna salad sandwich
And some french fries
I mean, what the hell's the difference anyway

Look, the thing is
I'm half way to Springfield
Like I'm in Maryland someplace
And the money runs out
I get some freelance welding work in Silver Spring and then
And this was a big kick for me
I put on my hat and I said
"Sorry, Sue Ellen, but I got to be moving on."

As it turned out, I never did get to Springfield, Ohio
Oh, but sometimes
Sometimes when the moon is full
I can hear that old dog howling
Howling, like he was right outside my own window