King Missile - Rock N' Roll Will Never Die lyrics

Nah, but
I'm sorry,
But look I'm sorry
But, Rock n Roll?
Rock n' Roll will never die
It's going nowhere
It's here to stay
What are you, fucking stupid?
I'm sorry but nah but you're fucking high
If you think rock n' roll will ever die
You're cracked up out of your fucking mind
Nah 'cause Rock n' Roll is here to stay
It will never go away
Look at Def Leopard
Drummer's got one fucking arm
Look at the Rolling Stones
They've been around for forty five fucking years
Look at Guns and Roses
Need I say more

Nah 'cause I'm sorry
But look I'm sorry but
But Rock n' Roll is not moving
It's going nowhere
It's here to stay.