King Missile - Heavy Holy Man lyrics

The heavy holy man sits on the hill
Holding hard wooden ball
Hears mysteries of the universe unfolding but blocks it all out
He has one eye pointed toward the sky
As the other searches over the earth
For dinner

Without ever once leaving his hill
The heavy holy man has sampled fast food from all over western Europe
Wimpyburgers from London
Wonderburgers from Dublin
And his favorite, Hitburgers from Paris
Which he ate whenever he had some free time

This particular day, however
The heavy holy man travelled to Amsterdam
To Febo's
Where he put one and a half guilders in the slot
Opened the little door
And pulled out his Feboburger and Febonapkin
All without ever leaving the hill

Then the Heavy Holy Man smiled
His faith reaffirmed once again
"All the treasures of this, or any other world
Are mine for the asking," he thought to himself