King L - My Niggaz (2013)

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King L - My Niggaz lyrics

My niggas keep it real (x4)
These niggas like raw
These niggas like real
They don’t know what thugs are
They don’t know about that feel
My niggas keep it real (x2)

My niggas ’bout that bad
Cap fast to get cash fast
Here’s a catcher with your broke ass
Buona forte to break pass
Got ballins niggas they trash
Cash in fast the bags like it’s trash
Grind dirty with a thirty in a stash
Double croc with the folks walking gap
When another nigga hole bout to smash
Ask that ho where she get all that ass
Said I wanna know so I ask
Bubble for the jakes for the gas
Might take a dope boy pass
Selling back tell me little how

My niggas...
My niggas keep it real
My niggas...

My niggas on business
Tell ‘em for regale us for the LO for the hiters
In a sea else we get ill like the eel
L boze in the mail
Thirty stuff and the hammer and that nail
He was so in tight ’cause the squares ain’t tell

[Hook x2]

My niggas I love my niggas
Roll up another blunt my nigga
She suck me and fuck my nigga
At the same damn time my nigga
Hell yeah you’re on the train my nigga
Put a nigga main day my nigga
That’s a god damn shame my nigga
I want the money fuck the fame my nigga
But both are cool my nigga
More benz run through my nigga
Everyday I MUBU my nigga
Fuck nigga what it do my nigga
Leave a nigga see through my nigga
What a nigga like a pool my nigga
Put a nigga on the lose my nigga