Kinder The Family Soul - Stars lyrics

[Verse I]
So many times, you could have walked away. But I
Didn't have to say a word to convince you to stay.
Cause you know and I know this thing is real. So
We continue to learn our love grows deaper still. Each day
I watch you get better at this. Each moment I'm
More and more convinced. We trusted love we took the
Risk. We ran our own pace. We won our race. And
I could never turn away

We've come (we've come)
So far (so far)
Stars looking up at you baby.
My heart (my heart)
Belongs right here next to you baby (you baby).

[Verse II]
If I had just one wish, it would be to stay together
Stay together, grow together. Its not much to ask
Of us. I know we can do it, I always knew it. Always
Look at me the way you do today. Treat me like a
Friend. Listen to what I say. Cause girl I'm wich you
Wich you always. Always. Cause girl would never turn

We've come
So far
Stars looking up at you baby ( im here baby for you baby)
My heart
Belongs right here next to you baby (right here next
To you baby).

[repeat chorus]
I said the stars are lookin up at you smilin.

Aways look at me same way you do today. treated
Me like a friend. Listen to what I say
Say, oh yea
I could never turn away, no

[ad lib]