Kim Mitchell - There's A Story lyrics

Not an abstract, don't come with instructions
Growing, growing
My soul it whispers with such emotion
Find me, find me

One day I'll look back, fall into a dreaming ?????
Good dreams, good dreams
Will I cast out all my dark imagination
Angels, devils

Will I be somewhere, in a photograph standing smiling
Will it look so far away, like some snapshot made in heaven

There's a story, we'll all remember
Will it feel like a mystery

Turn the page, another day, some other feelings
Real things, feel things
What is life and what is love beyond all reason
Faces, traces

All alone, cold out in December
This is me in my heads universe
I don't want to live my life only wonder
Here's my head, here's my heart, here's my truth

Yea when I look back, I see some past reflections
Don't wanna be there now, but I just can't forget them