Kim Janssen - The Wages Of An Easy Life lyrics

I wake up on the pavement still drunk I must have also been in some kind of fight this time.
I wish I was a character in a TV show then the only I'd worry about would be relationships.
How could you? Katie said you walked her all the way home through the snow last night.
But you never told her how you felt not even a year later when she got so sick and passed away on that cold Christmas day.
I work really hard at working too hard, I'll stay up till two like successful people do.
After the service we always have coffee and I always the only one standing by myself.
Because it's easier to suffer than it is to take responsibility.
I will find peace after a few drinks or when I am asleep.
So as I'm coughing blood it hits me that I may have always done my best to avoid the things I found hard.
I try to sit up and reach my cell phone but my heart stops and I stare up at the snow falling down.
Buried under soft white snow when carols fill the air angels we have heard on high.
Scott said life is hard, I know easy feels just like being dead.