Kilo Kish - Navy (2012)

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Kilo Kish - Navy lyrics

[Verse 1]

Head is on my pillow
Thinking of where this could go
I'm slowing down the tempo
Your eyes so black they're like the universe in me
I think that's what I'm trying to see
Cause if you have enough to be
Every part, of everything
My fingertips are burning
Scratching and they're yearning
They wanna be at your place
Chalk out lining your face
Do you know how stars taste?
Well you'll find out one day
Maybe me, maybe not
Stick around, you'll learn alot
Let's go over under
Let's go where I wonder
If we'll ever come back
And if your mind can trace that
You'll find that I'm in you
And you're inside me too
Sending busy signals
Interstellar rituals, you know


The stars
They don't just shine for you
They don't just shine for me
They are celestial beings
We are the stars
I don't just shine for you
You don't just shine for me
But still magnetically
We are

[Verse 2]

Star Trek, effects
Dynamite, reflex
I respect your intent
Introspective defects
Let's play a new game
Give me a martian name
You don't have to explain
No it's better this way
Galaxy crusader
You'll be my dictator
The mercury in flavor
Of my now and later
Starlight , Star bright
Take me on an endless flight
Make me shine like disco lights
Red and blue, green and white
Arctic the sky
Fluorescent night
Oxygen intensifies the solar system and beyond
The planet inbetween our palms
In deep space I erase
All the memories of her face
Our travels will replace
Everything you once chased