Killing Floor - Twelve.Ten.Forty-Eight lyrics

To reason with a gun
Surround the prison, eyes look up
To stick and stain, expression turned to dust
Not now to drive away, oppress
The world betrayed again
The key is thrown aside, he stands in chains
He spoke too loud and cried out
Cried out for life again

The bars will shadow lines
Drawn taut for crossing wire fence
Stops skin and bone gone silent
Forward in a cell, no reason
Given thought, the cost in lives
Destroyed for what? we ask, law gives emptiness
Rise instead to change
For the people far away in mind

Temperament brought down
Worn away like so much sand
Bread and bone to mend the mind
Hands reach out and take away
Everything they have to give
Again a tear spreads hate
Nothing lies below the pain
Treason with a gun

Rope strains above to ground
Will sway against everything
That they say will bring
About some change

Live inside the law of those who work
To cut the line to float away
On seas of sorrows so sad
Is the one who tried but failed