Killem - Biolypse lyrics

[Music: Escaño. Lyrics: Nissen]

Serial clonation, laboratory becomes the uterus
Nature violation, the dawn of genetic holocaust
New born babies crying their first and their last tears
Killed by their fathers, eliminated as a failed experiment

Biolypse, synthetic generation
Biolypse, artificial selection

Biological weapons, stealth army, massive killings
Infectious warfare, eradication is developed by scientists
Altered spores, modified virus to spread death
Massive infection, human race ruled by germs

Biolypse, synthetic generation
Biolypse, artificial selection
Biolypse, humanity is forgotten
Biolypse, mother nature is rotten

Killing the weak ones to purify the race
Scientists have blood on their hands

Innocents falling to make real the dream
Of those ones who stand in the throne

Legions of virus created to destroy
Indiscriminate carnage begins

The only thing left in the earth