Killah Priest - The Virgin Pt.1 lyrics

[Killah Priest]
'The Virgin' carried by four Rabbis'
The arrow fly, hit the painting
Portrait cries, the view on the paint changes
Looks toward the enemy's castles
The cannons explode, they're hit by their own shrapnel's
The view on the paint changes again
Looks toward the other end
Opposing army starts suffering
Disease's the death of their Caesars
Believers of 'The Virgin', turban wrapped
I walk whole in the urban map
I now possess the portrait from the 1400's
I lift the cloth and right to her face
Crush grapes, stern in my vase
I put the curse on you rappers
Disaster - meet y'all at daybreak
Funerals flooded wit brothers, the Reaper at their wakes
I turn 'The Virgin' towards them to destroy them
Spoiled limbs fall off, their eyes close, they die slow
When I expose them to 'The Virgin'

[Chorus: Killah Priest]
Hail Mary full of grace
Help me lead my enemies toward their graves
If they follow - sleepy hollow
May they walk the path creepy shallow
Death is certain once they meet 'The Virgin'

[Killah Priest]
Rappers I tatted unto my skin
So I'm Leviathan with the iron pen
Angels will burn, Hell will freeze
I impale emcees once they stare at 'The Virgin'
Blackness emerging with nightmare
Blood drip from his right ear
Cotton mouth, feet go numb
I start rotting out, have y'all forgot about
The Priest and 'The Virgin'
My page there is engraved
My pen is a Cherubim
And crossover, cross back as a Seraphim
I sever limbs, tear off skins, beware of him
He who possess 'The Virgin'

[Chorus x2]

[Killah Priest]
Castles wit skull walls, thrones made from emcees' bone
I sit alone inside this dome
Carpets made from dead flesh of emcees who want it next
My haunted hex, pentagram flow
My hologram souls inside of Pandora's Box
Just torture, y'all watch - the portrait
I push swords thru limbs, none of y'all live
Guns to ya wigs, my wizardry is witchery
I turn emcees on spics, watch 'em fricassee
From the sea century
Come one from behind the Sun, the Devil and God, and one name
I came to bring the metal and rod and some chains
Thy come to bring y'all under the Earth
While y'all under the curse of 'The Virgin'
From the furnace, Priest, I speak dark words
Grave sentences, a fake entrance
9th Templar, remember I sent ya
From my cloak, my dagger, rapper's
Justinian Niger Rider, dust enter inside your skeleton
Spider crawls up outside ya, burn with fire
DO NOT DISTURB 'em; he has the curse of 'The Virgin'