Killah Priest - Scrolls lyrics

[Chorus x2: Chief Kamachi]
These are timeless, these are scrolls
The work is a magic healing our souls
These are timeless, these are scrolls
This work is a magic healing our souls

[Chief Kamachi]
Yeah, my life changed when I seen my son at birth
It's a blessing just to breathe and come to Earth
Unlimited bodies, infinite minds
Twelve months, seven planets restricted to signs
The Chinese say, "life follows cycles in nine"
The OGs say, "Son, load up a rifle for mine"
It's so dark now, don't think the righteous will shine
But I think like all Twelve Disciples can rhyme
With my spiritual hands tryna reach for your spine
It's like magic when I put a jewel in your palm
There's only one God, that's the first rule of Islam
I live for the sword, I'm true to the bomb
I'm the soul of black soldiers that was blew up in Nam
Over white candles reciting the 23rd Psalm
Stay connected through the storm and the calm
Spirits on the other side know my word, Born
Peculiar magician, solar physician
Heal the world, analyse just the stars position
It's the Mic Christ on an atheist petition
Kamachi, back from my mystic mission


[Killah Priest]
I'm one of the wives of Solomon, had a role model like him
It was Kane and Rakim, I would follow my pen
I would see galaxies of MCs in the form of astrology
And Doctors, I would follow their lead
Lights in the shape of mics, and different planets
Days and nights I would crave to write
Back down to the Earth in a new form and rebirth
Defined as God, deep searchers studied me first
I look within, I got took within
I found Brooklyn in the heart where I put my pen
Created rhymes, made good for men
And women, like the Tree of Life
Every day I breathe I write, that was my freedom rites
My pen and pad, that was my Kingdom of Christ
No distractions, that's backwards, what I practised
The rap gift that I spew out was magic